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The Unbreakable Gumball is an open-world, sandbox superhero game leveraging the power of virtual reality to make you really feel like a hero.  The game takes place in the 22nd century, in Elysia, a city-state suspended over the Atlantic ocean with buildings both above and below its surface.  Put an end to crime in the city, put villains behind bars, and save people in need as The Unbreakable Gumball!


Gumball has a lot of abilities, including but not limited to:

  • Gumlines:  Used to swing around the city, or to pull and throw objects and enemies around.
  • Gumballs:  Projectiles for ranged combat that come in many shapes, sizes, and effects.
  • Bubbles:  Blow bubbles to glide around, get some extra height, or safely float down to the ground.
  • Chewing gum:  Chew different flavors of gum for passive effects like increased damage, faster speed, and regenerating health.


A small demo has been created to give you an idea of what it's like to be Gumball!

What's in the demo? 

  • A smaller version of Elysia
  • Targets to shoot
  • Rings to pass through
  • Dummies to punch
  • Original music

What's NOT in the demo?

  • AI enemies
  • Chewing gum
  • Different gumball types
  • Finished graphics

An Oculus Rift with Touch or an HTC Vive is required to play.

Gumball can also be found on Steam!

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Gumball Pre-Alpha Demo 1.6 221 MB

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Sorry, don't mean to bug ya, but have you found a way to fix the VR mode error? I'm really excited to try the demo, but it still doesn't seem to be working.

Are you on Quest 2?  It seems that doesn't work with this old version. 

Yes, I'm on Quest 2 using Oculus Air Link.

Unfortunately you'll probably have to wait for me to finish the big update I've been working on. 

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When would said update be? I have too just tried it with airlink. (I do not mean to sound impatient btw) I also have tried it in steam vr with the quest but it still doesnt load I would assume its the same problem as the quest

Still a long time to go, it's a big deal.  Check the dev logs if you haven't already. 

Do you think you can get it to work withe the valve index... it boots up but not a single button will work as the start button... Im tempted to try and hook up my xbox controller just to hit that button then start... Ill let you know if that works but index controller support would be great..

This has to do with Index not having a system button like Vive does.  I have Index support ready for the next release, but Index is not supported by this prototype. 

Yup, this seems like a game-breaking bug that's currently happening. The game just won't boot up in VR mode for anyone.

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Having the same problem as dogdogdogdo where it doesnt open in vr mode no matter what.

How do I start the game, it will open on my desktop but not in vr. If I open steamvr first it opens the game on my desktop as well as theater mode. I am on a htc vive. Pressing the menu button on the controllers doesn't seem to do anything. Please help????

Have you tried starting the game from SteamVR itself? 

I have, but it doesn't show up in my steamvr library, so I was only able to start it via my desktop.

Might be a problem with SteamVR itself, quite a few people are saying it stopped working.  I'll look into it. 

Thank you for responding, this game looks sick I hope I can play it soon.

any updates?

or fixes??

While there is a reason the Steam version may not work, the itch.io version may simply be too old for Quest 2 to run properly.  You'll have to wait for the new version.

I don't know if it's something wrong with my PC but the game keeps crashing after a minute. Can you help me?

Does it happen after something specific or does it seem random?

It’s just random. It might be my pc specs

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These are my specs that I know of

Graphics Card: 1050 TI 4 GB

Processor: I5-11500

Ram: 8 GB

I’m also using ALVR

Never heard of ALVR until now, maybe it's that. 


I’ll try it will oculus link.

I tried it with oculus link, it stayed open longer but it still crashed.

Don't know what else it could be, unless you can go into the game's folder and read the crash logs. 

Also, this prototype is really old, it could just not work on Quest 2.

Any updates?


Very soon. 

looks great for what ive seen... ive seen this artwork


Any updates on progress?

I'll have something soon.


Is this game still in development?


It sure is.  I'll have another development update ready pretty soon.


Please finish this, it's really fun!

I love the demo. The physics based swinging is so responsive once you get the hang of things. Please keep the steep skill curve in the final game! The only issues I'm having is the camera goes wacky when I rappel with the intense immersion setting on. Can't wait to play the full game!

This game you need a VR and a high-end PC to play.

Deleted 2 years ago

This keeps getting better, I knew you had something special ever since I saw the very first spiderman demo you posted.  Keep up the solid work!

I've had a problem with the resolution being really low on Vive, I have no idea if it's a bug or just a game problem in general.

It's a rare issue that may or may not have to do with SteamVR or one of its settings, but you can fix it with the console command "r.screenpercentage 100", or higher than 100 if you want to supersample it.

I'd love to have the yank a lot more powerful, like being able to quickly change directions and stuff. I'm not having much luck with it right now and it would be way more enjoyable with a more powerful yank.

The next update I'm working on changes zipping so that you always go directly toward the gumline, rather than it kind of pushing you that way like it does now.  Should be much easier to use.

Hi, I've downloaded your demo. And the FOV is outside of Gumball. It's unplayable and I'm not sure how to fix this. I'd like to play your demo.

Also I'm playing on Oculus Rift Touch.

It seems I accidentally uploaded an in-development version!  I've reuploaded the proper demo, download it again.

Thanks I'll try again!

this looks dope, downloading


Will this work with the windows mixed reality? I really want to try it, looks amazing.

I hear the FOV is warped, but otherwise works normally.  If you're ok with that, give it a try!


When is 1.4 coming?


Very soon, but don't expect too much in the way of new features.

just bug fixes?


Fixes, improvements, and such.  I'm focused more on pre-production for the full game than updating the demo.

I tried to play the demo but when i have my vive on it starts in a small window on my desktop and i receive a never ending loading screen on the HMD


Here's a few things to try:

1. Make sure SteamVR is running before starting the game

2. Press Alt+Enter to enable VR in-game

3. Run as Administrator

Hopefully something works for you.


This is the quality of a paid game damn

i’ve Been following you while that little tech came out and I’m really liking what I’m seeing hereMaxalo! You have got a great foundation and the combat feels so good even though they are dummy’s that I’m fighting, I’m not sure if you have done this ( probably have) but attaching to the wall behind an enemy and coming at them at high speed is the best feeling! One question, you move with the left controller while swinging with the right hand but that doesn’t seem to work if you swing with your left hand, am I missing something here! Anyway great swinging mechanics, look forward to the future! ☺️☺️

Reeling in towards and enemy is great, I just can't wait until I can reel them in to me!

Check out the Pro Controls option if you want some extra movement control while swinging.

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Your speaking my language now, I can help out with reporting bugs and whatnot as I test games boundaries very vigorously! Haha

I’ll give it a crack today and see if it’s what I’m more looking for. ☺️