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The Unbreakable Gumball is an open-world, sandbox superhero game leveraging the power of virtual reality to make you really feel like a hero.  The game takes place in the 22nd century, in Elysia, a city-state suspended over the Atlantic ocean with buildings both above and below its surface.  Put an end to crime in the city, put villains behind bars, and save people in need as The Unbreakable Gumball!


Gumball has a lot of abilities, including but not limited to:

  • Gumlines:  Used to swing around the city, or to pull and throw objects and enemies around.
  • Gumballs:  Projectiles for ranged combat that come in many shapes, sizes, and effects.
  • Bubbles:  Blow bubbles to glide around, get some extra height, or safely float down to the ground.
  • Chewing gum:  Chew different flavors of gum for passive effects like increased damage, faster speed, and regenerating health.


A small demo has been created to give you an idea of what it's like to be Gumball!

What's in the demo? 

  • A smaller version of Elysia
  • Targets to shoot
  • Rings to pass through
  • Dummies to punch
  • Original music

What's NOT in the demo?

  • AI enemies
  • Chewing gum
  • Different gumball types
  • Finished graphics

An Oculus Rift with Touch or an HTC Vive is required to play.

Gumball can also be found on Steam!

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Unreal Engine
TagsOpen World, Superhero, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsOculus Rift, HTC Vive


Gumball Pre-Alpha Demo 1.6 221 MB

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can you export it as an apk?

I do plan on testing future versions on Quest 3, so I will if it work there. 

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sorry, I know you literally said An Oculus Rift with Touch or an HTC Vive is required, but ima ask anyway: can i play this on a quest 2 in any way?

edit: sorry about that. The game's awesome!

If you're using it on a PC, sure.

Hey Maxalo! Happy new year! What’s the 2024 timeline looking like? Will we get any updates / content this year? :)

Yes, I have nearly all the assets completed, I just have to stop being lazy and actually put it all together. 

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what are gum balloons used for? And how to use them

Gliding, floating up, stopping a fall, etc.

what game engine did the debvelopers use

Unreal Engine 4

which unreal engine 4 version

I don't remember, whatever was the newest one at the end of 2017.

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for example the file name extension .apk

can the developers make a standalone version of unbreakable gumball

can maxalo make the unbreakable gumball standalone

I plan to look into making a Quest version, Quest 3 might be good enough for it.

but will it work for meta quest 2?

Unlikely, unfortunately.

will it be still free?

The demo will.

when will the quest version come out

Whenever it's done. 

Can we get a developer update soon? I used to love the demo years ago and would pay real money for an updated demo that works on newer headsets. 

It's coming, don't worry.

if i used this would i be able to play on quest 2https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084H479GW?tag=namespacebran368-20&th=1 i have a windows 10 laptop

Yep, this is the only way to use a Quest 2, provided your laptop can run games well enough.

i have a question maxalo

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Whenever I try to play on My Oculus Quest, none of the key bindings are working and I'm stuck in the start screen. Any recommendations? Im using a USB cord to connect my quest to the PC and every other game i've played has worked fine.

You have to physically touch the buttons in the menu. Is that the problem? 

I think they mean that when they press the button nothing happens.

Any plans to bring an updated demo to steam or itch.io? With the recent spiderman craze, increase in headset users, and tik tok, i feel like this game could blow up with a demo before any real release. project demigod did and the swinging there is far inferior 

That's exactly what I've been working on, actually.

is it possible to play the unbreakable gum ball on quest 2 with just my quest 2 maxalo

Not at the moment, no. You'll need a PC. I will try to look into it for the full version, but no guarantees. 


The latest development update stated it was NEARLY done, so if anything, I beg of you to release that build for the time being. I will pay you a fair sum of money to make that happen I do not care, the urge to play a proper VR swinging game outweighs the cost. If you want to name a price then my email is josephcast12345@gmail.com

Agreed. I just crave the physics this game offers.... nothing like it in vr currently

Any new updates/rough timelines? Played this demo back when it first released and been itching for more! Anytime people ask me about my favorite VR games this demo is always my first response

Been on hiatus for a while, but I'm trying to come back to it! 

Dear Maxalo. I downloaded the Pre-Alpha Demo 1.6 to see if it's a game i can "stomach" or not :-)

I can start the game alright, the hands show but am not able to activate any of the options, skip/start buttons etc. Trying to set bindings in SteamVR is more challenging than programming a VCR clock.

Then I saw that your game does not mention WMR headsets. I use a HP G2 Reverb with inside out tracking motion controllers. So, i guess it's not compatible with WMR, rght?


That is probably the case, yes.  This old demo was made around the time WMR first came out. 

can you make a .apk file of this game? I tried this game on my Quest 2 via oculus link and it ran perfectly, I want an apk version so I can play wirelessly

Thie game is getting considerably more complex in the future, and there are no plans to release a mobile/Quest 2 version.


Come on do the extra work and this might even get published as an official game in the oculus store


Ten days ago maxlo you said the current version doesn't work with quest 2 but the next version will and I quote the work you put into making this available to more people the more you get out of it

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Woah, there are so many comments now. When did this game get more exposure? So happy so see it thriving! I know yall are hard at work on the game but I think it would be smart to start adapting the game or a small demo to the quest 2! This is a game that sells itself when you play it, so people have to be able to try it; and the quest 2 covers over half of the current VR market!

Unfortunately a lot of that exposure was for nothing because it doesn't work with Quest 2.  I don't think there will ever be a Quest 2 native version, but the next version will work with it on PC. 

When I'm in the start menu and it asks me to press the three lines button it sends me straight to the oculus air link menu, and I cant get into the game. I play on a quest 2

Yeah, it was made way before Quest 2, and it doesn't work for it, sorry. 


Side quest is free people free some of us don't have a PC


This game should be on side quest you can upload any side quest game and it can be accepted so we don't have to have a PC please make that happen

The game keeps crashing after playing for 1 minute.

 Please Help


This old prototype doesn't work with Quest 2, but the next version will.


and i have a good setup


my game crashes instantly in like 2 seconds

Quest 2 has some problems running this, if that's what you have.

Will you fix it?

Have you fixed it?

This game is so promising. The gameplay seems unique and I've been wanting a proper superhero vr game for a while. can't wait to see where this goes in the future!

Will the story mode be added into the vr version?

There won't be any "versions", just one game playable however you want.

Is this compatible with the quest 2 + virtual desktop?


Compatibility with Quest 2 seems to be questionable at the moment, but it can work.

Can you make an apk version of the game for sidequest???

No, you'll have to play the way it's meant to be played. 

I couldn't get past the menu screen - none of my buttons/triggers were recognised (I'm using a Rift S). Tracking and the Menu button work fine though.

On the menu, you have to actually touch the buttons with your hands. 

Damn it... I feel like such an idiot :P


does the current demo support valve index?

It does not, but the next update does. 

i have some questions
1) Will you make a discord server for announcements and stuff
2)will unbreakable gumble have native quest support

There will be a Discord server when the next big update comes out.  

Native Quest support is unlikely, but I'm open to the possibility. 

whenever i open the game, whether through steam vr or not, it boots in non vr. is there a way to stop this? (im using the steam version on oculus quest 2)

Try running the .exe directly. 

Every time I launch the game it crashes within 2 min {I am on rift s} do you know why?

I've heard this before but I don't know a solid solution.  If you can find relevant information in the crash logs, that would help. 

how do  I find the crash logs

They'll be in the Saved > Logs folder. 

I have them how should i send them to you

Upload it somewhere and link it here.

if the steam version doesnt work with any vr then how to download this

Extract the .exe then open it with your headset o


veiw your desktop in vr then just run the .exe

i need help my rift S isn't working for the steam version

Try running the .exe directly, or using this version.

Dont use the steam version, download this version then add it to steam

i cool that your still working on the game and replying to peolpe that need hel

how long do you think it takes for her to reply?

Not long. 

very cool

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