Demo Update 1.3

Click to enlarge.  Art by Fernando Dominguez

This update is all about options.  A whole new set of options has been added to the pause menu for a total of ten different settings.  Also new in this update is full roomscale support, the ability to jump in-game by jumping in real life, further improvements to the art style, and more.

Here's the details:


  • Five new options have been added to the menu:
    • Rotation Snap Angle - 30°, 45°, 90°, and 180°
    • Jumping Method - Hold to Charge or Press to Jump
    • Heads-Up-Display - Full, Jump+Markers, Markers Only, or None
    • Aiming Laser - On or Off
    • Reeling Direction - Default or Inverted


  • Moving in real life will now properly move Gumball in the game.  No more walking through walls or floating over ledges!
  • Crouching down, then quickly standing up will cause you to jump.  (Actually jumping is not recommended)
  • The warning about no roomscale support has been replaced with a different warning.
  • The reset button has been replaced with a second jump button on Oculus and a second menu button on Vive.


  • Colors have been completely flattened for all materials except for glass and water.
  • Speech bubble text is now easier to read.
  • A progress percentage counter has been added to the pause menu.
  • The skip button in the startup sequence has been moved in front of the player, and made smaller.
  • Drones now hover around in a random pattern.
  • Pulling gumlines will now only send you towards them, rather than in the opposite direction of your hands.
  • Various graphical improvements and optimizations.

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Very cool, I'm impressed with your work! Keep it up, you're very talented!