Demo Update 1.1

Click to enlarge.  Art by Fernando Dominguez

This update is all about making sure it's easier than ever to be a superhero in VR.  With new mechanics, improved menus and tutorials,  a bunch of new options, and plenty of other improvements, now is the best time to jump into the (spring-powered) shoes of  The Unbreakable Gumball!

Here's what's new:

Enhanced Visuals

  • Visual overhaul, including more vivid colors, glowing lights, and toon shading

Movable Enemies

  • Enemies are now movable, and can be thrown or pulled around with gumlines


  • You can now yank on gumlines to pull yourself around quickly


  • Charging your jump while next to a wall will allow you to slide down it, making wall-jumping much easier


  • You can now long-jump when running forward


  • Overhauled the menu to include many new options:
    • Smooth, Snap, or Smooth-Snap Rotation
    • Head or Hand-Oriented Movement
    • Vignette intensity to combat motion sickness
    • Automatic reeling strength
    • Three different reeling control methods


  • Overhauled the tutorial by splitting it into three separate and more open tutorial rooms:
    • Parkour: Learn about jumping, long-jumping, wall-jumping, and floating or gliding with bubbles
    • Gumlines: Learn about how your gum shooters work and get the hang of swinging around 
    • Combat: Practice fighting dummies and shooting targets


  • Running speed has been increased, with an additional sprinting state when moving forward as quickly as possible
  • The game can no longer be paused, in the interest of making the menu and the tutorials accessible at any time
  • The opening sequence can be skipped by pressing the SKIP button behind you
  • The ending screen now gives you a few statistics, including how long it took you to complete all the objectives, what your fastest speed was, and how many times you used each ability
  • Added new music tracks to enhance the swinging experience
  • Removed ability to tether objects together with gumlines, as it interfered with throwing dummies
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

What are you waiting for?  Quit sitting around and start swinging around!

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