Demo Update 1.2

Click to enlarge.  Art by Fernando Dominguez

This update is focused on VR enthusiasts.  Only the most hardcore VR players can handle Gumball's newest feature: Extreme Immersion.  Extreme Immersion adjusts the roll and pitch of the camera to orient yourself to the arc of your swings, making it much more realistic, but also very sickening for the faint of heart.  If you have a history of getting motion sickness, DO NOT play with Extreme Immersion on. 

Here's what's been added:

Extreme Swinging

  • With Extreme Immersion on, your body will orient itself to where your gumline is connected to, as long as you are in the air


  • When on the side of a building, Extreme Immersion will turn you so that the wall becomes the floor


  • To address concerns about the game being too slow, falling speed has been increased to allow more momentum going into a swing, and a wind tunnel effect has been added when travelling at high speeds

In other news, Gumball now has a Twitter!  Follow @GumballGame to stay up-to-date on the game and its development!

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